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Greg the Bunny Soundboard

greg the bunny soundboard

The Greg the Bunny Soundboard  is a soundboard that I created in one day based on a show done by IFC in 2005.

This soundboard is intended for mature audiences only.

There are three screens with over a total of 80 sound clips.

Quake Live Rail Game
Quake Live Rail Game

The Quake Live Rail Game is a flash project where the sole purpose was to create a flash game that could track/retrieve high scores through a database.

Quake Live Rail Game High Scores

The database is set up to allow high scores to be moderated on an administrative panel, supports multiple games, and provides an API as well.

Quake Live Rail Game Admin

Targets will spawn in random locations and you can eliminate the enemies by clicking on them. It uses enemies from the Quake Live game and you are playing as “Xaero” eliminating them with your railgun. The faster you can eliminate the targets, the higher your score will be!

Posted by: Mitchell

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Halloween Flash Homepage Banner
Halloween Flash Homepage Banner

The Halloween Banner was a project where I modified a simple halloween banner with some masking and shading effects. It was then added for October as the homepage banner of the website.

Posted by: Mitchell

2012 archives logo

Fuessel Pump & Tank
Fuessel Pump and Tank was a project where the concept was to keep the design simple and present an overview of the company and their services. The page was formatted with basic dimensions in mind and the left navigation was custom designed.



Quake Live Item Timer
Quake Live Item Timer

Quake Live Item Timer

The Quake Live Item Timer was a simple flash project that I created in an hour or so to time items while watching duels in QuakeLive. The timer allows you to individually control each timer so you can effectively time multiple items if you can click on them properly. If I mapped it to keyboard shortcuts in flash I am sure it could be used in game with AutoHotKey but I didn't set this up for that.

Source code is available upon request, send an email to Mitchell.

Posted by: Mitchell

2011 archives logo

HTML5 Bouncing Balls Example
HTML 5 Canvas Example

The HTML5 Bouncing Balls Example was a simple project I did to experiment with HTML5 canvas. I first saw this implemented on Google’s homepage and wanted to learn how it was done. The project took a lot of Javascript work and was completed quickly due to the source code provided by Rob Hawkes. I achieved the desired effect and added another layer to give the 3D section depth but it did affect performance in my testing.



CCG Collections
CCG Collections Site Image

CCG Collections was a website designed for a custom Jewelry maker and special consideration was taken into making the jewelry pieces the focus of the site.



All About Birds
All About Birds Site Image

All About Birds is a custom design drawn out on paper by the customer and then designed in photoshop. The site was for a friendly bird store located in Pennington, NJ specializing in boarding, grooming, hand-feeding, seed, cages & toys.

Posted by: Mitchell

2010 archives logo

Mikes Mailroom Site Image was a project where the site had to be redesigned to have a better feel and functionality.

Posted by: Mitchell

2009 archives logo

The 3DFlash Splash Page was created as a placeholder for the site while it was being built. It also has a PHP hit counter for page views and unique visitors. This is just to ensure that the viewer is presented with something more than the default page of the hosting company.

Resistance Tournaments was a little project done to encourage organized tournaments for Playstation. It was a good proof of concept, but short lived due to a small audience.

Text Based Fishing Game was a little project that I developed over the course of a couple hours. It isn't complete and is a project I am taking my time on.

Posted by: Mitchell

2008 archives logo

Supreme Commanders Elite Website
Supreme Commanders Website Image

The Supreme Commanders Elite website was a project I did for a game called Resistance Fall of Man for the PS3. It was a unique project taking me 16 hours to complete and afterwards it would take me too long to update the stats for each person. With the way the flash was set up it was not easy to update the stats automatically and I decommisioned the project.

Posted by: Mitchell

2007 archives logo

The Mitchell Design Template was my first try at a flash template. I wasn't going for anything spectacular, just a proof of concept. It doesn't have any links that work, the concept is that you stop the objects/buttons circling at the top and then click your button and the content will load either below the buttons or into the Flash piece at the bottom. The buttons can also be pressed while they are moving.The TV monitors were just made as a place holder but a text box could be loaded over them.

Universitee Apparel Flash Intro was a local project for a friends company. This was just a simple flash intro and never went live. It was decided that a flash intro was not needed at the current time for their website Universitee Apparel.

Mitchell Design Computers Tutorial is a project that I did to explain the 4 basic types of computers that I build.

The Beginners Tutorial is a compilation of a couple objects that I created using tutorials. I then went ahead and wrote my own tutorial inside of the flash document to make sure that I would not forget how to create any of these objects in the future.

Posted by: Mitchell

2006 archives logo

The Custom Computers flash image presentation tool was used to showcase a couple systems I had built over the years. Since then I have built around 15 more systems and have spent much more attention to proper wiring in the latest systems.

Posted by: Mitchell

2005 archives logo

3000GT Movin was a very simple project that I made to see how difficult it was to blend a variable speed background with a moveable image in Flash.

Posted by: Mitchell

2004 archives logo

Mitchell Design was a nice full flash site that I edited last in early 2009 but decided to scrap it and keep it for a template for future projects because it is very well done. There is some extra stuff I was messing around with in the portfolio section. This project taught me most of what I know with advanced actionscripting and interface building.

The SpeedFactor Gathering Site was done back in 2004 for a friend that owned a 3000GT/Dodge Stealth specialty shop, this version is the original copy before the extra information was added in.

Posted by: Mitchell

The archives contains most of my publicly released work that has been either outdated or expired in some fashion. Current projects are listed on the projects page and other recent items can be found in the open source section. Archived news related to the archive can be found here.