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Open Source Beginners Tutorial .FLA by Mitchell

How to Properly Photoshop an Image for Flash Movies


If you are going to Photoshop an image and use it in Flash to scale it you have two routes:

1. You can make a much higher resolution image for the importing to the Flash library to try and preserve detail, or;
2. You can make the image the largest size that it will be in the movie before being scaled down

With option one you risk the page tearing effect with the Flash movie, but it may be preferred if the flash plays up to par on the test machine. Option two usually always guarantees a smooth transition with the scaling and rotational effects (masking included).

In the past I use to always use the first option but I have completely switched over to number two for preserving the frames per second, so just a heads up to everyone that reads this.


Forum topic on scaling images in Flash






Photoshop Earth Panoramic Images and Earth .PSD

Photoshop SpeedFactor Banner and Coverpage .PSD's

Photoshop Ball .PSD's

Premade background image with Custom Icon Layout
Treasure Chest & Skulls were placed in the Water .PSD

High Resolution Background Image

Terragen created background cropped for small widescreen use

Resistance & Killzone 2 Banner .PSD



HTML / Javascript

Gym Clock
Gym Clock

The Gym Clock was created in HTML & Javascript to time sets of exercises and the tool evolved to have the ability to record laps, count up/down, show real time, change colors and more!

If you prefer to use the clock standalone, please try the online version without the site frames or download the source code here.



3Dmitchell Simple HTML Tutorial #1

Tutorial explaining simple tables, images, linking, and a couple other simple HTML features.  Download all of the files used for the page in .RAR format at 3Dmitchell HTML Tutorial #1.  You can open .RAR with WinRar or any other compression program that can read .RAR files.



Simple HTML Tutorial #1 on the forum


3Dmitchell Simple HTML Tutorial #2

Tutorial explaining simple divs, styles, tables, lightbox image presentation, images, linking, and a couple other simple HTML features.






Forum Links:


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