Gym Clock


Gym Clock


The Gym Clock was created in HTML & Javascript to time sets of exercises and the tool evolved to have the ability to record laps, count up/down, show real time, change colors and more!  It can be used to time anything you can think of, or simply as a basic digital clock.


If you prefer to use the clock standalone, please try the online version without the site frames or download the source code here.


RPG Game


The RPG Game is an action / adventure turn based battle game where the objective is to level up and defeat the final boss. You have the ability to purchase HP, MP, and levels at the shop and after the game is beat you can customize the settings using the RPG Builder. Use magic spells to defeat your opponents and submit your high score!

RPG Game

RPG Game Battle Screen

Play through and customize the game with the RPG Builder!


CMS Site Developments


I have developed a custom client site - iPadBacklight.  The site is running my custom CMS platform.  Ecommerce is in the works for the platform and will be a separate module.


If you have any questions about the CMS platform, please contact me.


eJuice Recipe Calculator written with
PHP & XMLHttpRequest (XHR)


The eJuice Recipe Calculator was a project I whipped up in the course of a day in order to effectively calculate eJuice recipes that depend on multiple dynamic variables. I was very impressed by Tod Mullers method of XML HTTP passing and I used that same tactic to pass the data into my PHP page. I had to do quite a bit of research to do the mathematical calculations as I did not know how the formula was to be processed until reading some forum posts.

3Dmitchell eJuice Calculator

This recipe calculator will allow you to input your recipe values and instantly see your recipe change. Experiment and share your results!


HTML5 Canvas Example


The HTML5 Bouncing Balls Example was a simple project I did to experiment with HTML5 canvas. I first saw this implemented on Google’s homepage and wanted to learn how it was done. The project took a lot of Javascript work and was completed quickly due to the source code provided by Rob Hawkes.

HTML 5 Canvas Example

I achieved the desired effect and added another layer to give the 3D section depth but it did affect performance in my testing.


Yellow Star Casino


Yellow Star Casino  is a free flash game that I put together based off different game logic examples written in Actionscript 1. I upgraded all the functions to Actionscript 2 and integrated the five games into one. If you have your browser cache enabled this game will save your stats for as long as you keep the cache for

There is a intricate scoring and stat tracking system built into the game for you to track your play and adjust your style for maximum profits. I'm looking on implementing an online stat tracker for the game once the payouts / betting limits are all properly adjusted. Have fun and feel free to post screenshots of your stat board in the forum!

Quake Live Item Timer


The Quake Live Item Timer was a simple flash project that I created in an hour or so to time items while watching duels in QuakeLive.

Quake Live Item Timer

The timer allows you to individually control each timer so you can effectively time multiple items if you can click on them properly.


Flash games can be found at the Flashwork page while if you are looking for tutorials head over to the Open Source page.

If you are searching for old stuff look into the archives.