Tournament cancelled due to game changes

September 1

People have moved on to other games and it has been increasingly harder to get in touch with everyone for the tournament. We played a bunch of the games, but were unable to complete the full tournament.


Tournament date pushed back one week

August 5

The date for the tournament has been pushed back one week because signups are relatively low and I might be away during that time period. Lets push the date back one week and get some people people to sign up.

The page for the tournament signups is open and located here: Signup Page

1v1 Sniper Tournament Signup


Sniper Tournament Signup Page Complete

July 25

The page for the tournament signups is now complete and located here: Signup Page

If you decide to use the new automated signup, please make sure you fill out your information correctly.

1v1 Sniper Tournament Signup


Sniper Tournament Bracket Image Up

July 24

The Sniper Tournament Bracket image is up and available in the gallery

The date of the tournament has also been pushed back a week and a half to the week of August 13th to 15th to allow people to sign up.

Sniper Tournament Bracket


Upcoming Tournament 8/13/2009

Hosted by the Supreme Commanders Elite

August 13

        Upcoming Elite Sniper Tournament

Maps & Rules:

  • 1 versus 1, TBD number of matches until final round
  • Busyard, Manchester, Grimsby
  • Order for maps in matches is Busyard, Manchester, Grimsby
  • Best of 3 Rounds for each match
  • 12 frags, Sniper Only
  • 16-32 players
  • Games will be hosted by players with the fastest connections available as tested by

Tournament Player Eligibility:

  • 1. Must have at least 10,000 ranked frags
  • 2. Have to submit request to ******* at least 3 days prior to tournament
  • Submit request by sending a PSN (PlayStation Network) message to ******* with a subject of "Tourny Signup".


New Tournament Site Up

July 22

Signups will be on through playstation network until the automated system is up and running.