Fuessel Pump & Tank Project

Site Layout


  • Create a menu to link to the different sections of the site
  • Incorporate their existing logo into the header of the site
  • Add logos of Associations in the footer
  • Make it easy for a client to inquire futher details about the company


Proposed Features


FuesselTank.com photo viewer

  • Create a image presentation page to show examples of work and job site compliance
  • Design a custom navigation menu incorporated with their logo that will be visible on all pages
  • Add a job site image to the header alongside the logo
  • Create a scrollable content section that will keep the site a consistent height dimension


Implemented Features


FuesselTank.com homepage

  • Created custom images for the header and menu
  • Kept content as relevent as possible for future
  • Performed SEO
  • Lightbox image presentation tool

FuesselTank.com was a fun project that involved working with the staff to create a custom design tailored to their specifications. The concept was to keep the design simple and present an overview of the company and their services.

FuesselTank.com is currently online.