Mikes Mailroom Project

Site Layout

  • Catalog-Like Setup
  • Menu at top of page
  • Abiltiy to buy products
  • Images to present products


Proposed Features

  • Keep same style of pages
  • Edit existing menu or use better menu
  • Clean up existing code as much as possible
  • Use a image presentation tool instead of loading images in new pages


Implemented Features


mikesmailroom.com homepage

  • Completely cleaned formatting of all pages
  • New cross browser compatible DHTML Menu
  • Added search engine to website and performed in depth SEO
  • Thickbox image presentation tool

MikesMailroom.com was an interesting project as there was a lot of coding errors in the site to begin with. With all these errors it was critical to fix and implement better code in key areas of the site.

MikesMailroom.com is currently offline.