All About Birds Project

Splash Page & Design Process

Once the domain was registered we quickly created a splash page as a placeholder for the upcoming site.


Splash Image


The splash page was live throughout the two week design process.


The design process was short and simple for this site:

  • Create background for pages in photoshop
  • Place menu items properly using divs
  • Make adjustments to layout for content
  • Populate pages with information about store




Customer Layout

Hand Drawn Layout



Finished Website

Finished Layout

  • One of a kind custom design
  • HTML, CSS, & Lightbox
  • Site optimized for search engines

All About Birds is a custom design that was drawn out on paper by the customer and then designed in photoshop. The site is for a friendly bird store located in Pennington, NJ specializing in boarding, grooming, hand-feeding, seed, cages & toys. is offline but archived.