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  apr 14

20147:00 p.m.

Site Update - Responsive Design Custom CMS

The whole site has been converted over to a responsive design template called Responsee.  It was amazing that this developer provided his template for free and I thank him for it since it taught me a lot about responsive design and quickly sped up my responsive design process.

I have used the theme to integrate my development CMS system which has now been put into production!  I have around 20-25 custom written modules that I made specifically to be integrated into my CMS/Database.  One of the modules is a theme builder for which there are multiple themes available, including ones that are not responsive but who wants to use those?! With the theme builder the admin/superuser is able to manipulate CSS themes, JS includes, PHP header include (<head> of document), PHP top include (top of <body> of document), and a PHP footer include (above the </body> of document).  Using these components a strong theming system can be developed but I am still in the works of a system to search all the content types efficiently.

I have recreated the whole site; homepage, news page, archives, projects page, 3d2d page, and the Flash Game Portal is in the works. Stay tuned, more updates to come as well as the release of my Comment Hit Counter System.

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