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  sep 6

20147:00 p.m.

eJuice Calculator

I’ve developed an eJuice Calculator that I am releasing on my site. Before making this calculator I found an eJuice Calculator from Tod Muller that didn’t quite fit my needs. It was accepting improper inputs which would display negative percentages and didn’t seem to provide any baseline error checking. I couldn’t find a mathematical source for a similar eJuice Calculator in my quick searches so I went ahead and developed my own that allows for variable Drops/ml, 7 Flavors, Water, and Alcohol percentages. The negative values should not show up in the recipe and will display an error message when incorrect values are present such as having a higher Target mg/ml than the Base mg/ml. Check it out at 3Dmitchell eJuice Calculator, save your favorite recipes and share them!


The headers of all the pages have been changed to implement a text-shadow property if your browser supports it and I have cleaned up a couple pieces of the site which would be unnoticeable to the end user. A couple of modifications were made to the account/administration sections and I built a dynamic API System to assist tracking/exporting of data. The PHP Comment Hit Counter System release has been delayed as I would like to clean up some more of the code first.

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