RPG Game
RPG Game  
High Score:  22,468
Miner Mayhem
Miner Mayhem  
High Score:  57,700
Quake Live Rail Game
Quake Live Rail Game  
High Score:  299


Super Mitchio
Super Mitchio  
High Score:  10,589



The RPG Game is an action / adventure turn based battle game where the objective is to level up and defeat the final boss. You have the ability to purchase HP, MP, and levels at the shop and after the game is beat you can customize the settings using the RPG Builder. Use magic spells to defeat your opponents and submit your high score!


RPG Game Main Menu

Main Menu

RPG Game Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic


RPG Game Attack Screen

Attack Screen

RPG Game Shop Screen

Shop Screen


RPG Game Escape Failed

Escape Failed

RPG Game Magic Spells

Magic Spells


RPG Game Home Screen

Home Screen

RPG Builder Screen

Builder Screen