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All About Birds has the solution to your boarding needs. We assure that your bird will be safe, happy and healthy when boarding with us. Whether it be for a day, weekend, vacation or even an extended stay, your bird will receive the utmost care at our facility. This will allow you to enjoy your activities without any concerns.

When you board your bird here at All About Birds you will know that your pet will be fed with his/her proper diet. The cage will be cleaned on a daily basis and your bird will get our utmost attention. Just like our birds that we have for sale. Your bird will feel right at home. There is a very good chance that he or she will return home with a few new whistles or even a larger vocabulary!

Here at All About Birds you have two options for boarding. The first is to bring in your very own cage, treats, toys and seed specific to your bird. The second option is to rent a cage from us. With this option there is a onetime fee for the length of the boarding.

There is a discount for multiple birds in the same cage. Boarding reservations are always suggested, but emergencies are never turned away. Please note we would appericate any cage coming into the store for boarding be cleaned prior to arrival. Let us help you help your bird have a pleasant boarding experience.


At All About Birds, your bird will be groomed by one of our experienced staff members. We offer wing, nail and beak trimming. Our highly trained staff will gently care for your birds grooming needs. Grooming involves a bird's wings, nails and beak. When its wings are properly clipped, a bird can "take off" without risk of being injured by flying into a wall or window, or of flying out a window or door and escaping. Instead, it will simply glide smoothly and safely to the floor. Wing clipping must be done properly. Excessive clipping will leave a bird unable to glide, with the result that it could fall like a stone and be injured. Worse, improper clipping of immature feathers could precipitate severe bleeding and an immediate medical crisis.

Nail clipping is necessary because the nails of companion birds don't get the daily wear that would occur in the wild. As a result, the nails can become excessively long. Long nails are a risk of getting caught in a crevice or crack, or of severely scratching their owners.

Although beak trimming isn't required as often, it is occasionally necessary with some birds. For a number of reasons, a bird's beak may grow to exceed its normal length, making it more difficult for the bird to eat. A bit of judicious clipping solves the problem. Occasionally, a bit of beak clipping can help with a bird that's become a tad too nippy. Trimming that razor sharp rapier tipped beak can considerably reduce the damage done by a quick nip.

We groom all birds - finches to macaws and everything in between. If you're unsure about what clipping the bird needs, we'll be happy to advise you. Pricing depends on the size of the bird and the specific services to be provided. When you call to make a grooming appointment, we'll be happy to quote you a price over the phone. 609-303-0152