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Author Topic: Web Design trends for 2018  (Read 3830 times)

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« on: October 09, 2018, 10:24:45 AM »

Here, some tips on trends for 2018

Drop shadows & depth
Although shadows have been a staple of web design for quite a while, thanks to the progress of web browsers, we now see some exciting variations.

Color schemes
While in the past many brands and designers were stuck with web-safe colors, more designers are becoming courageous in their approach to color—including supersaturation and vibrant shades combined with headers that are no longer just horizontal but reimagined with slashes and hard angles.

Particle backgrounds
Similarly, particle backgrounds immediately attract the user’s attention so that brands can create a memorable impression of themselves in only a few seconds.

Mobile first
Almost everyone these days shops and orders on their smartphone. In the past, this was a clunky process that users were not as quick to adopt.

Custom illustrations
Illustrations are great, versatile media for creating images that are playful, friendly and add an element of fun to a site.

Big, bold typography
Typography has always been a powerful visual tool, able to create the personality, evoke emotion and set the tone on a website all while conveying important information. And now, because device resolutions are getting sharper and easier to read, I expect a huge increase in the use of custom fonts.

Grid layouts
Although large-scale brands with a lot of content still use traditional grid-based structures, I expect an increase in the use of alternative layouts across the web, as brands create unique experiences to set themselves apart.


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