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Title: 5v to 12v
Post by: martinc on June 16, 2010, 01:36:57 AM
USB 5V to 12V DC-DC Step-Up Converter by LT1618


This is a 5V to 12V DC-DC step-up (boost) converter circuitry that is especially ideal for the USB powered applications. First of all a USB port has two current supply modes. Before detecting the connected device, it supplies maximum 100mA to the load. After recognizing the device, it increases the output current up to 500mA. In this circuit, controller (LT1618) also provides two input current modes. 100mA and 500mA input modes can be selected by the user.

Output currents are limited due to the increased potential difference at the output. When the demand of the load increases, output voltage will start to decrease. For example, if the circuit operates in the 100 mA input mode, when the load is 35 mA, the output voltage will be kept at 12V. But if the load increases to 50 mA, output voltage will reduce to 8V to maintain the constant 100 mA input current.